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QR code Plant Identification  Beta Test Acker Park

Friends of Acker Park are currently working on a Plant ID Project whereby Many QR codes will be attached to the PROPER plants found within the park.  QR code means Quick Response Code.   Our park visitors will:

1. Use their cell phones to access the QR code which is attached to a plant by stainless steel wire or stainless steel nail.  

2. The QR code is linked to one of the pages ensconced on the internet.  These pages are a compilation of Carl and Joan Tomoff's Woody Plants of the Mogollon Highlands and The Master Gardner's more detailed page on the same plant.  Both of these essential documents are cited on each page.

3. The visitor will be able to access, not only the plant's name, but a great deal of information about it as well.

4.  If successful this can be used throughout the county using the same portable file cabinet.

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