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Current Projects
Within the Park.

Discover the rich history of Acker Park, a place where nature and heritage come together.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the park while enjoying various activities.

1. We are working on developing a  QR code plant identification system to attach to many plants in the park for identification.  This will help interested people to learn about the diverse flora found within the park.

2. Volunteers are distributing crushed rock on paths that have muddy areas.  This will enhance the park's accessibility during wet seasons.

3. Friends of Acker Park are constructing six new benches to be strategically placed in the park.

4. Informative kiosks will be constructed at every trailhead.

5. We value our community, so we are surveying homes near the park to improve our services, we want the folks closest to the park to know what is going on in the park in real-time.

6. Our goal this year is to create a firewise environment in the park by contributing to the construction of a "blueprint" for the park's future.

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